Thursday, January 17, 2008

Padhayathra to Palani - Part 1

On last sunday I did padhayathra to palani from Oddanachataram. (padhayathra means walking to a Temple in bare foot). Usually for Palani temple in the Tamil month of Thai, for Thai Poosam festival laks of devotees used to walk from different parts of Tamilnadu. Usually the crowd exceeds more than 10 laks for the grand 10 day festival.For the first time in my life i have decided to walk almost 25 Kms to palani temple from oddanchataram. its because one of my friend Saravanan walks to palani temple for the last 4 to 5 years.I have decided to join them this year and it was an wonderful experience.We started around 10 PM at KulanthaiVelaper Temple and reached Palani at 6 AM next day ( Monday).

Terms I used here are my own understandings. Please forgive me I misunderstood any of the important terms.

I will continue in next blog

SETC from Palani to Bangalore

This time its a Great news friends. Yes. A NEW SETC bus has been introduced between PALANI and BANGALORE. The bus starts at 7.30 PM in palani. It travels via Oddanchataram, Dindigul, Salem. Ticket Fare is Rs 240 ( Reservation charges Rs 10 Extra). I did thank the branch officer for the new bus. It gives a great joy for me and my friends who travels from palani to Bangalore and vice versa. Please reach out to the following Numbers for your Questions. SETC Palani Ph No -04545 242208. SETC Blr- 080 22876974. There is another one bus from Bangalore to Palani also. that may also start around the same time in bangalore.I dont know the details yet.
And SETC office said that they will be introducing Online reservation soon.
Iam happy that from palani hereafter there will be 3 buses at a time. 2 from KPN and one SETC.
KPN charges 360 ( for Online Rs385). Atleast i will save Rs 120 hereafter which i can spend for some other useful thing.