Monday, November 23, 2009

Idli Vadai Inc. (இட்லி வடை கம்பெனி...)

Hi Friends,
As every Tamilian in the world Iam very fond of my traditional food, Idli, vadai and Pongal. Who ever visits Tamilnadu won't leave with out tasting these three food.

I rarely ate in hotels, till I completed my +2, may be less than 20 times for the good number of 1o years. In college days, another 50 times (max...)I would have had the food in the hotels.
I moved to Bangalore a good five years ago. I didn't like the Idli, Vada Sambhar served here in the Sagar hotels. I really had very tough time in the first couple of years, but now I love the food served here (Kara bath, Idli vada, Rava Idli and Rava Dosa ) like I love Tamil Idli, Vadai, though the later is not at all comparable with the previous one.

For the last 5 years,when ever I used to visit Tamilnadu (to my native, or to Chennai or to any other place) the very first thing I order is Pongal, vadai. then I may have a dosai or Poori, if my stomach permits.

I would say the Pongal is the best food in the world.what do you say??

For Dinner I always love Parotas(Parathas in cities) and onion Uthappam served in small road side eateries. They are always awesome. I never like to eat food in small hotels fearing their hygenic only till I found the Parotas are the best with Salna in the small hotels.( Curry served for Parota in Tamilnadu is called Salna in small road side eateries.).

I tried to be a Vegetarion for the first couple of years in Bangalore but stopped it because whenever I visit my relatives or other friends they had to prepare Veg separately for me, which I felt was not good as Iam not doing justice for the affection they show towards me. Usually i eat Non Veg once a month usually even less than that. So I thought i will eat Non Veg whenever there is no Veg food or some one feels I should eat. other wise Iam a Vegetarian.

My father is a Non Veg Lover. My mother prepares a really tasty biriyani. My sisters are also Non veg Lovers. We used to have chicken's in our house. So We used to eat non Veg once in 20 - 30 days. In a Village that was OK i felt. but only in cities I see people eat too much Non Veg. mostly every Sunday People eat Non Veg. (many people eat even more)
During my childhood days I had a peculiar issue. I don't like to eat chicken Piece,but like Chicken Curry. So I won't touch Chicken Piece. Still I continue my childhood legacy many times though i eat chicken piece some times if there are no alternative. But I like egg omelet mainly my own preparation.

My father liked pongal also.I forgot to mention that I did not like Pongal too in my childhood. I cried many times asking my mother to prepare some other food for me. I did not like the Pepper which is in Pongal fearing the spicy taste it produced. Some times i even protested with out eating pongal.

Now a days whenever I visit Tamilnadu I will search for a best Iyer hotel to order Pongal vadai for Breakfast and Madurai based hotel for Dinner.If Pongal is not there, i feel very sad and will settle for Dosas.
In many Tamilnadu hotels, the vadai is usually served separately. If the vadai is served with Pongal or Idli, many people will quarrel with waiters saying who asked him to serve vadai with the pongal.the Waiters will ask the guest whether they want Vadai to be served to them?. I even remember that My father and me once asked the waiter to take back the vadai.It happens now also.I feel its because Tamilians are very cost centric and don't like to spend money on unnecessary things. But now I order 2 - 3 vadais for my breakfast. See How I have changed.

Somedays back When I had gone for lunch with my Colleagues for a nearby Andra Mess as earlier I started bluffing about Idli Vada. They told me to start a company called Gurusamy Inc and start selling Idli Vadai. That's how this blog was born and I had some serious thoughts about Idli Vadais.

I firmly believe that Dosa's are the better than Pizzas and Idli Vadai is much better than Burgers.

If I have enough money in the future I will create a company called Idli Vadai Inc, and will have branches all over the world and will serve Idli,Pongal, vadai and Dosas. I will even hire Mckinsey for consulting and Britney spears (or some one popular like her in that time) to do a Add Video for my Idli Vadai Inc. I will directly compete with Mc Donalad's, SubWays and Dominos and Pizza Corners.

Iam sure if it happens the World love Idli, Vadai and Pongal than any other western Junks.

You know one more thing. Idli is a half digested food which can be feed to a one year baby. I heard this from some friend or from a Doctor.

By the way I am also an decent Tamil Cook. I can prepare a decent Tamil meal and especially Pongal and Sambhar.

Reach out to me if you want to taste the Pongal . I can prepare it for you.

If you are in Bangalore visit Adayar Anandha Bhavan or any other Tamil Hotels and reply me If My observation about Pongal , Idli vadai and Dosai is wrong???

Some Tamil Hotels I have visited in Bangalore:
1. Adayar Ananda Bhavan Koramangla and BTM (Udupi Garden)
2. Cauvery , Madiwala (Behind Aiyappan Temple)
3. A small Road side eatery in Wilsen Garden called Kuppusamy)
4. Anjappar In Koramangla for Non Veg
5. I heard about Annachi in Indhra Nagar (but never visited)
6. Malgudi - (not worth for the money you pay)

There was one small Chettinad hotel behind Motorola Marathahalli office. there too food was Ok , but the Hygiene and Ambiance was horrible.

Couple of days back I saw a new small Chettinad hotel in front of Multiplex in Marathahalli. I must visit there next time when I go to Marathahalli.