Monday, December 31, 2007

New Bus to Bangalore from Palani

Finally One Good news for People of palani who travels to Bangalore... Yes.. TNSTC has introduced a new bus to Bangalore via Tirupur. Some how its OK ??. Yesterday I saw the bus at St. Johns Hospital ( Bangalore)around 9 PM.
Palani is a important Temple city in Tamilnadu. Why don't our SETC introduce a bus between Palani and bangalore via Dharapuram. I .. myself know some 7 to 8 people from palani who works here. Only KPN is operating a bus bet Palani and Blr. They charge Rs 360 ( and Rs 385 via online) a unimaginable price........ That bus always finds 100 % occupancy even on weekdays.

some time back I sent an Email to SETC requesting a bus between Palani and Blr. That mail bounced back. Thats how our E- Governance is working...

Even the new bus between Palani and Bangalore looks horrible.
Why should they go via tirupur????. That is too a 56 seater bus??
How can people travel for 10 Hrs in that bus??
I think its because of Lord Muruga???. only in Palani he has given everything and stands with a small stick with Bare minimum Cloth. I think thats why the Government feels that who ever goes and comes back from palani can't afford more. Is it so???. I see that is the only 56 seater bus which travels alomost 350 Kms.

What a shame to people from palani??. We dont have train.. we should come to Erode to catch a train to Bangalore. That is too buses between Erode and palani runs at 40 Km / Hr ( it takes almost 3 Hrs ). Most of the time I get irritated.
I think we are the only country which has the worst traffic in the world.

I don't want to write anymore. I will stop here.
Anyway tomorrow is new Year.


Sunday, December 30, 2007

Coconut price

today morning i had quite walk to my office to withdraw some money( My office is the nearest place, where ATM is located). While retruning back I had tender Cocunut. That costed me Rs 10 . While walking again to house, my friend wanted me to buy a Cocount for Chutney. I went to a nearest vegetable shop owned by a tamil couple( who I suppose are the best in Bellandur, who sells good quality vegatable). The coconut costed me Rs 8.I didn't buy in any of the Super market. Its roadside shop.
then I was thinking about the coconuts we sold last week in my native. Last Week I had been to my native. We own some 30 to 35 Coconut trees in our farm land and the those trees always yield better retruns than the crop we grow.(forgot the theme.....).A trader from my nearby village came there with some mens and womens and brought the coconuts from the trees to my hosue.Coconuts needs to be carried on the heads of people as the vehicle can't approach my farm.
The vendor paid Rs 1.90 for each coconut.. we got totally some Rs 850.

For the same size of Coconut today morning I paid Rs 8. Whats the differnence??. Does that coconut needs to be carried to Bangalore all the wa from My Village Aruvankattuvalasu??. I dont think so.
Karnataka is also produces the Coconuts on its own. and Its naturally many times richer than Tamilnadu.
I feel.. its because of Middle Man.

I would have not felt.. even I would have paid 100 % more like Rs 4 for a coconut. But that is 300 % more ( Am I correct?).
I and my room mates are well paid. We can even eat coconuts for our Breakfast, Lunch and dinner. Still It is affordable for us.
Think about the people who earns like 2000 or 3000 a month??. How will they able to buy even Vegetables???
I think in my 3 yrs experience in bangalore, I never saw coconut prices fallen to 4 or 5.
It is always in between Rs 6 , 7 or 8 and even sometimes Rs 10.
whom to blame for this??
But you know how much we get in my village.??
Rs 1.50 or 2.00 .. at max Rs 2.50.... thats is too if we sell it in the market like Oddanchataram we may get up to Rs 3 ( very rarly..).

I will blame the Government. why not???.
Our Corrupt politicians are main reason.. Even P Chidambaram....
He always talks about Foreign Inflow...or stock market.
But he never worries about the price increase.. they said inflation is under control. that is 3.45 % last week.
i didn't feel the price difference between 6.5 % inflation and 3.45 %
I don't know what they are calculating???

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I have attended ISHA Yoga program in Bangalore. I had a completely different experience there.The class was like 1 hr practice session and Question Answer sessions. the wonderful thing is ISHA Founder Sadh Guru Jakki Vasudev's speech( Via CDs,he didn't present there).He is such a wonderful human being speaks too good about so many aspects of life.I can call him as a new Age Sage.and I am too happy as he resides in Tamilnadu ( Coimbatore) and does so many activities in Tamilnadu(My home state).

But the most important problem I face is practice. They asked me to practice twice a day for first 40 days then once a day for next 6 months. soon after the 7 day classes were over i stopped the practice for about 3 days and again i have doing for last 3 days once a day.

I want to practice YOGA not to become a God Guy, but to gain Confidence and concentration.
I feel it may happen if continue practicing regularly.
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if any one feels whether to join ISHA or not.. I would strongly recommend you to join there.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I started reading blogs of Padmasree warrior, CTO of Motorola. She writes very interesting articles about her experience in different places and different people. If she something new.. she tries to improve the existing system and thinks how she can add value to the company. I really admire her for her approach. one day even i want to do something like her.Iam proud of her as she is the only high profile leader in the great technology company.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

GMAT Preparation

I started to prepare for GMAT from last Monday. I got a E-book from one of my Colleague Sunil Kumar and solving 10 problems a day. I would need to speed up this to improve my efficiency.and I may need to read some good Quality English news papers at least one hour a day. This would enable me to read English faster and to do well in Reading Comprehension section in GMAT.
I may buy THE HINDU which was suggested in some of blogs I read instead of Economic Times, which Iam buying now. If My Roommates agrees I can stop the another paper THE TIMES OF INDIA we buy instead of ECONOMIC TIMES as I feel HINDU and ECONOMIC TIMES combination work well. BY ECONOMIC TIMES I can get good amount of Indian Business news. By HINDU I would be exposed to high Quality if English. But Its most unlikely to happen. SO I would buy HINDU by stopping ECONOMIC TIMES.
I don't know whether my decision is good or not?. But this is the only Option I have right now.

First Blog

I have created this blog today..July 19th, 2007 to improve my writing skills. I hope that this would allow others to read (ha..ha... will someone read mine???) and to point out the mistakes I do.

I have a ambition of becoming a CEO of the World's BIG Company at my50.

I believe that I need very strong Analytical and Communication Skill to achieve that.My hard work will help me to get that.