Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chennai Vs Bangalore

I was reading a blog where people were shouting which city is good , Chennai or Bangalore.
I thought of posting the comments there itself, but felt that as I have a blog of my own(even though no one reads), just to eat the servers Google has, I have decided to post it here.

Iam a Tamilian living in Bangalore. Moved to Bangalore just after straight from the Engineering College, ( GCE Bargur), My college is just 3 hours journey from Bangalore, but I had visited here only at the 7th semester, while desperately looking for the project.

My first visit to Chennai was for my Engineering College counseling at june 2000. I stayed at my cousin's hostel,who was studying Engineering at Sairam Engineering College. Now it is to visit my friends(some times for marriages), i visit my relatives too if time permits.

I don't speak kannada at all (some times I do understand Kannada), even though Iam here for almost 4.5 years. initially around 2005, If start my broken Kannada or English (that is also broken or with weired Pronunciation), People answer me in Tamil. So i gave up trying to speak Kannada. now a Days, iam bit OK in using English as I see some improvements in my language.

OK.. enough of bluffing, let us come to the blog........

I had visited my friend, who was a PG Student at ANNA Univ Chennai during 2006 Summer and couldn't sleep at his house and went to terrace to sleep in the midst of Mosquitoes war at his Kotturpuram house. Just few backs also I had visited my other friend at West Mambalam at didn't had any issues thanks to the Markali Pani. ( december cold and mist).
I had told my friends that only when the whole world shivers,we can sleep well in chennai,
it sweats , sweats like anything. It is horrible.

Restaurants are pathetic in chennai. Iam not talking about the 5 star hotles, they are same everywhere.You don't get a good Garden restaurant( does chennai has one, I haven't seen one, Do you, If yes pls let me know) or usual hotel with the cleanness what bangalore provides.
You don't get your favorite WINE or BEER in any TASMAC shops.he only good thing is Pongal, FULL meals. and parathas at some hotels.

Corporation buses are also pathetic in chennai, But if you compare the bus fare in bangalore..the travel in chenni is 40 to 50 % less.
Bangalore is the Greenest City I feel in India, Sorry, I haven't visited Kerala Cities yet like Kochi or Trivandrum. You can never compare the Cubbon Park and Lal baugh with Chennai. Still it has the beach .

What else I should compare...
Bangalore is Young, Vibrant like a 25 year old, but Chennai is matured and calm as a 60 year old

If you see the crowd in Chennai- Bangalore trains, you will understand the bond between the two cites. I would say the Chennai and Bangalore are siblings in many senses.

I still admire for Chennai's brilliance.But now Bangalore too has i believe thanks to the IT Boom.

Every city has its own Advantages and disadvantages. We should love what ever best it can provides. What do you feel ????

At last Who am I?. Iam a half Bangalorian, half Tamilian ( Not a Chennaiite definitely).

Friday, January 9, 2009

Satyam Fraud - Hate Naraynamurthy !!

Satyam fraud is the latest topic can be taken for my blog.
1. How is it possible for Ramalinga Raju to cook the book with out the knowledge of CFO, Finance Team and Auditors? - No way.
2. usually in companies,every vertical head knows the revenue about his division. Then how come not even a Single business head doesn't know about this?
3. Is it possible for Auditors to not to know about the fraud?
4. Mint has clearly written that for Mr Raju, Family, Caste and Telugu were his favorite not the talent in his company.
5. The Whole world already knows that Chennai US Consulate receives the highest Number of fraud VISA applications thanks to Andhraites.

What to do ?. All our fate... No idea.

Think about the lives of 50K + employees of Satyam ?
Who just joined the company hoping to start the fresh life ???
Only God can help them.

My deep sympathies for My Satyam Friends.

Yesterday Night, Arnab Goswami of Times Now was hosting a Show with Swaminathan Aiyar of Economic Times , Narayanamurthy of Infosys and some one.
Everyone condemned the scandal and spoke for strong corporate Governance Laws and Ethics in the company. Swami and Arnab praised NRN and urged him to help Satyam.
But Whil replying, NRN praides INFY practices and critisized SATYAM and never answered the original question.
If he is a true Indian and has high values witht him he should have come forward to help Satyam.
I had huge respect for Mr NRN and thought that he will be supportive of Satyamites.
and today morning, HR Head of INFY Mohandas Pai told the news media that they will not hire a Single Satyam employee.This is Shame. when the Whole world is watching how the Industry behaves, We indians must put up a united front.But we are true Indians correct???.
we will always try in fish in Mud waters.Even the Educated Community lacks the Ethics and Human values.

here I have to bring in a small incident which took place in my native. One Lady ( 50 + ) died of consuming poision a month back on rainy night after a dispute with his son about family property. People from my village helped to bury her immediatley by picking up the Woods and other stuff which had to be collected from many places while the rain was heavy that night.
Eventhough people were not cordial with the Son of the lady died, They forgot the differences and put up a united face to help the family. Thats what happened even when my father died.

but the best educated In India lacks this human values by criticizing the Satyam Employees for things they are not responsible for.

I don't still understand Why INFY made such comments??

Probably he was irritated by Mr Raju many a times???. Only the close circles may know the answer.

Today morning too I read the Angry comments posted by Satyamites against NRN. They are correct.