Thursday, February 28, 2008

Reliance Broadband - Worst Service in the world

I took Reliance Broadband two months back.
It works fine for days then immediately stops working for days ..more than a week.

2 weeks back it didn't work. I have complained to their customer care.
the next day a Guy called me and said that he will be visiting my house today evening .. so be in house at that time.But nothing happened. When I called the customer care in the evening the ticket got closed. They said that our Guys has visited your house and problem is rectified.
So Again they have registered the new complaint. That was closed next day with out any solution. It continued for week. Then one day one guy called me from Bangalore office and said he will be visiting my house in the evening.he didn't visit. Immediately in the evening I shouted at him and another guy visited and corrected the problem.It worked for weeks with out any issues.

Now also the same game started.
I am complaining for a week. No one is visiting my house and everyday Iam registering the complaint.
I don't know when It will be rectified and I will be able browse in my house.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Train to Erode from Palani ????????

I just read a news about a news about demanding a train track between Erode from Palani.
I support this demand and decided to post a news in my blog.
Palani is an important Temple for almost half of tamilnadu Hindus.Its a town from early 1900's.
But after the emergence of Tirupur, for places like Madurai and Theni, most of the buses had been introduced via Dharapuram, Tirupur. I don't know exact distance for the routes.
Palani has one meter gauge train track between Pollachi and Dindigul . Some Passenger trains pass every day in palani ferrying pilgrims to Palani temple. Most of the Kerala pilgrims use train to visit the temple.
One more interesting fact about palani Railway Station is Its a good place for College students to study in the evening. I heard many of my Friend's friends used to study there. Its calm and spacious and creates a good atmosphere for students who do not have study rooms in their houses.

Palani lost its charm in the last 50 years. But Its regaining ite name in the last few years. Its the highest revenue generating Temple in Tamilnadu. Its Famous festivals are Thai Poosam and Panguni Uthiram. Thai Poosam is a major Festival in Singapore and Malasiya,and Its a public Holiday there.

and more bad news is that Palani is a MP constituency since 1951.But it has been removed and merged with Dindigul. One Good thing is now Kodaikanal will be with Palani MLA constituency.
its good as Palani will get good amount of Fund as both Kodaikanal and Palani are important Tourist Places in tamilnadu.

I have totally forgotten my Title.we will come back to that.
There are lot many requests from Traders in Dharapuram, Kangeyam and in Palani for a train between Palani and Erode. It will help movement of Goods must faster and help people in travelling. They are demanding this for last 50 years. Even the survay has been done and the reports have been submitted to the Government.But the Government is hesitant as they are thinking that it may not generate the revenue. I don't know about this feeling. We need to really wait and see things will be .

now Palani M. P Mr S. K Karvendhan is starting a Padhayatra from Erode to Palani from Today. He is a Gentleman and an respected Lawyer.He is holding some imprtant positions in Bar council of India too.
He has spoken about the Railway track and started the Padhayatra.

I wish him Good Luck !!!

I hope that the Government will allocate money for this Route in the coming Railway Budget.

If it becomes true, Guys like me in Bangalore will have one more reason to cheer.
We will have one more mode of transport to Palani. That is too tireless and nice Journey.