Thursday, July 19, 2007

GMAT Preparation

I started to prepare for GMAT from last Monday. I got a E-book from one of my Colleague Sunil Kumar and solving 10 problems a day. I would need to speed up this to improve my efficiency.and I may need to read some good Quality English news papers at least one hour a day. This would enable me to read English faster and to do well in Reading Comprehension section in GMAT.
I may buy THE HINDU which was suggested in some of blogs I read instead of Economic Times, which Iam buying now. If My Roommates agrees I can stop the another paper THE TIMES OF INDIA we buy instead of ECONOMIC TIMES as I feel HINDU and ECONOMIC TIMES combination work well. BY ECONOMIC TIMES I can get good amount of Indian Business news. By HINDU I would be exposed to high Quality if English. But Its most unlikely to happen. SO I would buy HINDU by stopping ECONOMIC TIMES.
I don't know whether my decision is good or not?. But this is the only Option I have right now.

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