Friday, February 20, 2009

Srilankan Tamils

Oh.. My God... Iam as old as the widespread riots and massacres started in Srilanka. Still the People there don't have a solution. All their fate??.
Even though I born and brought up in a corrupted country like India, I live my life and enjoy the freedom, and do what ever I want to. But the People in Vanni or Kilinochi are able to ??, a Big No.

Srilankan Tamils are the bravest Tamilians in the modern times. I have read about Tamil Culture and Wealth of Tamil Land may be 5000 years ago. The Community which has prides struggles now. Oh.. God Please help my brothers and sisters there and Give them the peace.
They will emerge as Jews of West. Tamils are as old as ancient Greek and Chinese and intelligent.What to do ?, nothing helps the Tamilians there.

I would like to Pin point something, which came up in my mind.
Mistakes done by LTTE:
->Killing many Tamil Leaders in Srilanka during 80s and 90s. They wanted to be the only representatives of Tamils in srilanka.
-> Killing the Indian PM Rajiv Gandhi. This was a brutal mistake. Till Rajiv Gandhi's death the whole Tamilnadu encouraged LTTE and even Indian Government trained them. after wards the situation has changed.Wouldn't have done this, the Eelam might have been already created.
-> Even during the ceasefire period between 2002-2008,they failed to reach the Solution.
-> Why are they not OK with Semi Autonomous Federal Framework?, what we have in India? I have No Idea.

My Suggestions:
1. Stop the War Immediatley and treat all the People wounded so far.
2. Constitute a Group with members from LTTE, Srilankan Government, UN, USA and India and Tamil Nadu Government to arrive a solution. Till that time, continue the existing Administration.
3. The solution should grand equal rights to Tamilians in Srilanka, and enough Representation in Parliament and right to live their lifes.
3. Help the Tamilians who fled Srilanka to return back to their mainland.

Tamilians in Tamilnadu:
->Karunanidhi only wants to be in power.He never did any good thing to the People of Tamilnadu.He will do anything to be in power.He always thinks about his sons and grandsons. How do you expect him to help Srilankan Tamilians?
-> Jayalalitha does the same thing. The only thing is she doesn't have 10s of Grandchildren to look after like Karuna.

Many Good real ( yes, they are real)Tamil leaders like Mr Vaiko, Nedumaran, Tha. Pandian and N. Varadarajan don't have political support and Junk Tamilians should stand behind them.But all the Tamilians are not with them,so their voices are unheard in the Media and by those who is in power.

Even people Like Vijayakanth and Ramadoss are busy in organising their own meetings, instead of joining the above mentioned leaders, because of the Political gains they want to make.

All the Tamilnadu Politicians should stand together for the Srilankan Tamilians?. Will that happen in my life time?, I doubt.

Angry about Media:
All over the world, the news media talks about Britney Spears new Video, Paris Hiltons new Sex Video, A dog giving birth to a dog,Laxmi Mittals wealth. But no one gives ebough importance to 100's of Tamilians getting killed everyday in Sri Lanka.
Even The Indian News Channels like NDTV and Timesnow are busy with Some Women's sending panties to Sri Ram Sena, but not worried about what happens in Tamilnadu.
See, what Barkha Dutt of NDTV hosting in NDTV, she is worried about a Foreign girl killed in Goa and Sri Ram sena Issue. She always conducts national level debastes on petty issues. the same applies to Arnab Goswami of Times Now.

No one talks about My Brothers and Sisters?.

Oh God, Please help them.

My views are not complete enough. Still I want to make views through my blog to the outside world, As a Tamilian, my heart cried for them.
I read a Sify Column, which has information about Srilankan Eelam Histroy.
You may go through that at

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