Thursday, February 11, 2010

War !!

Yes Its really a war.
Living in the world is really like a war. Am i ready for the war ? . not yet, but i am preparing myself for the war.
Some people feel, the life is gifted, some fools like me think it is a war.

somebody says if you don't have sandals, be relaxed by looking at somebody who doesn't have legs.

All these thoughts are coming to me for couple of weeks.
the reason???
My appraisal time and my sister's marriage.

My Appraisal is screwed up very well and can not expect a decent hike this time.
Money is flowing like water for my sister's marriage.

Even with all these I need to concentrate on the work.

Yeah.. I borned to do that.

As Geethai says, only doing is my job. nothing else.

I don't know what to say ....

I did much better than anybody. still i was told i need to do well.
Well others do have 2 brains, i have only half brain. I don't think so.
I can do four people job in a day. that is my strength.
I can plan better than anybody in the world and execute flawlessly better than anybody else in the world.That is my strength.

Iam second to none .
Why should i be questioned by some morons??

I can run a company of 10,000 engineers. I can create a company of that magnitude.
I can design solutions which are better than any company in the world

Iam complaining about somebody. is it so??

but still its worth a learning in the life.
At least I learnt to speak up my mind. I always learn from mistakes I make.
any one more thing is Iam always reactive. not proactive.I must change this.
Iam 26 now.
still i have 34 years of time before i turn 60.
I honestly believe i have more time in career than my age right now.
Let me see what I can achieve in that.

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