Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I have attended ISHA Yoga program in Bangalore. I had a completely different experience there.The class was like 1 hr practice session and Question Answer sessions. the wonderful thing is ISHA Founder Sadh Guru Jakki Vasudev's speech( Via CDs,he didn't present there).He is such a wonderful human being speaks too good about so many aspects of life.I can call him as a new Age Sage.and I am too happy as he resides in Tamilnadu ( Coimbatore) and does so many activities in Tamilnadu(My home state).

But the most important problem I face is practice. They asked me to practice twice a day for first 40 days then once a day for next 6 months. soon after the 7 day classes were over i stopped the practice for about 3 days and again i have doing for last 3 days once a day.

I want to practice YOGA not to become a God Guy, but to gain Confidence and concentration.
I feel it may happen if continue practicing regularly.
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if any one feels whether to join ISHA or not.. I would strongly recommend you to join there.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Guru, I am a volunteer with Isha Yoga, thank you for your posting, please contact me at your convenience. Namaskaram.