Sunday, December 30, 2007

Coconut price

today morning i had quite walk to my office to withdraw some money( My office is the nearest place, where ATM is located). While retruning back I had tender Cocunut. That costed me Rs 10 . While walking again to house, my friend wanted me to buy a Cocount for Chutney. I went to a nearest vegetable shop owned by a tamil couple( who I suppose are the best in Bellandur, who sells good quality vegatable). The coconut costed me Rs 8.I didn't buy in any of the Super market. Its roadside shop.
then I was thinking about the coconuts we sold last week in my native. Last Week I had been to my native. We own some 30 to 35 Coconut trees in our farm land and the those trees always yield better retruns than the crop we grow.(forgot the theme.....).A trader from my nearby village came there with some mens and womens and brought the coconuts from the trees to my hosue.Coconuts needs to be carried on the heads of people as the vehicle can't approach my farm.
The vendor paid Rs 1.90 for each coconut.. we got totally some Rs 850.

For the same size of Coconut today morning I paid Rs 8. Whats the differnence??. Does that coconut needs to be carried to Bangalore all the wa from My Village Aruvankattuvalasu??. I dont think so.
Karnataka is also produces the Coconuts on its own. and Its naturally many times richer than Tamilnadu.
I feel.. its because of Middle Man.

I would have not felt.. even I would have paid 100 % more like Rs 4 for a coconut. But that is 300 % more ( Am I correct?).
I and my room mates are well paid. We can even eat coconuts for our Breakfast, Lunch and dinner. Still It is affordable for us.
Think about the people who earns like 2000 or 3000 a month??. How will they able to buy even Vegetables???
I think in my 3 yrs experience in bangalore, I never saw coconut prices fallen to 4 or 5.
It is always in between Rs 6 , 7 or 8 and even sometimes Rs 10.
whom to blame for this??
But you know how much we get in my village.??
Rs 1.50 or 2.00 .. at max Rs 2.50.... thats is too if we sell it in the market like Oddanchataram we may get up to Rs 3 ( very rarly..).

I will blame the Government. why not???.
Our Corrupt politicians are main reason.. Even P Chidambaram....
He always talks about Foreign Inflow...or stock market.
But he never worries about the price increase.. they said inflation is under control. that is 3.45 % last week.
i didn't feel the price difference between 6.5 % inflation and 3.45 %
I don't know what they are calculating???



Dear Samy,
We cannot make others to carry coconuts all the way from production center to the market at lesser cost, for us. So if we want coconuts at low cost, we must be ready to carry it ourself. Then the demand for coconut at Bangalore will be reduced and thereby the price will defenitely come down. It is simple economics. It will be of great help to others also. So Please........

Gurusamy said...

Thats correct. I understnd. but my argument is against over pricing.even if the same coconut would have costed Rs 4 or 5, i won't mind paying happily.but beyond that i think its unreasonable.