Monday, December 31, 2007

New Bus to Bangalore from Palani

Finally One Good news for People of palani who travels to Bangalore... Yes.. TNSTC has introduced a new bus to Bangalore via Tirupur. Some how its OK ??. Yesterday I saw the bus at St. Johns Hospital ( Bangalore)around 9 PM.
Palani is a important Temple city in Tamilnadu. Why don't our SETC introduce a bus between Palani and bangalore via Dharapuram. I .. myself know some 7 to 8 people from palani who works here. Only KPN is operating a bus bet Palani and Blr. They charge Rs 360 ( and Rs 385 via online) a unimaginable price........ That bus always finds 100 % occupancy even on weekdays.

some time back I sent an Email to SETC requesting a bus between Palani and Blr. That mail bounced back. Thats how our E- Governance is working...

Even the new bus between Palani and Bangalore looks horrible.
Why should they go via tirupur????. That is too a 56 seater bus??
How can people travel for 10 Hrs in that bus??
I think its because of Lord Muruga???. only in Palani he has given everything and stands with a small stick with Bare minimum Cloth. I think thats why the Government feels that who ever goes and comes back from palani can't afford more. Is it so???. I see that is the only 56 seater bus which travels alomost 350 Kms.

What a shame to people from palani??. We dont have train.. we should come to Erode to catch a train to Bangalore. That is too buses between Erode and palani runs at 40 Km / Hr ( it takes almost 3 Hrs ). Most of the time I get irritated.
I think we are the only country which has the worst traffic in the world.

I don't want to write anymore. I will stop here.
Anyway tomorrow is new Year.



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Hai Baji said...
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