Thursday, June 19, 2008


This is not about the mistakes I committed in my life . If I have to count them.. they are countless.. Infinite.
Its about the Book by Chetan Bhagat I read. I love his books .
They are wonderful.
It makes me addictive. I get deep in to the book and starts thinking about the characters.. when I am not reading it.
Probably this is one of the book I completed so soon.
I have hell lot of technical books which I haven't even read 10 pages for years.

Its a wonderful fiction book talks about 3 friends.
one wants to become a businessman.another one is a cricket lover. Another one is helping them to set up a Sports shop in a temple complex where his father is a priest and his uncle is a trustee.
Then Businessman falls in love with Cricket Lover's Sister and have affair too. Temple trustee wants all these 3 to part of his Hinduthuva activities. Cricket Lover coaches to a Muslim Boy who has in born talent in hitting the ball to boundaries.. In the mean time earth quake comes and shakes their proposed new shop.
At last Godhra train accident in which Hindus are killed.( trustee's son is killed There).He want to take revenge and wants to kill the Muslim boy. All the 3 Heroes of us saved him. but the Temple Guy is killed in the fight.
As the Cricket lover comes to know about his Sister's love .. he gets separated from his Friend.
They separates their shop and runs their business separately. After a year or two... this Business man Friend tries to commit suicide, but will be saved.
and the friends meet at last and lovers join hands...

Happy Ending....

A wonderful book to read.

I wish If Chetan bhagt can write a book with out the FOUR LETTER bad word???. even some of my Colleagues pointed out. Because a good book should not be stamped as a Adult book.
We should not compare out culture with Western as there alll the books will have those bad word.

Any way I enjoyed the book?? What about you??

one more funny thing is ..
As soon as My Colleagues saw this book in my office cubic...they changed the title to " 3 Mistakes of Gurusamy's life" and pointed out 3 mistakes.
Recruiting me in to my company ( SYMBOL - MOTOROLA)
working under my Manager
Working in my Present Team ( MCD).

It was fun for 2 to 3 days.

Guys.. After R.K Narayan.. Chetan Bhagat is the author I admire for his writing skills ( Simple English and easy to understand the meaning)

Happy Reading !!!!


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