Friday, May 9, 2008


One of the worst movies of Vijay..

Last Sunday I watched Vijay's latest Movie KURUVI which means bird in genral in Tamil.
My Friend SUMU's father had come to Bangalore ti visit him. We had been to TOTAL Madiwala then we decided to visit BALAJI Vivek Nagar for KURUVI movie. We thought Director Dharani will not make us to regret our decision. Even while traveling SUMU's fahter was very much reluctant and wanted to come back to our house and take rest. But I told him that dad.. come and see how Bangalore's theater is and the response for a Tamil Movie.
In Theater there was another HIGH drama happened. BALAJI is the only theater in Bangalore I see..where theater owners themselves selling Block tickets. We paid Rs 100 for a BALCONY ( original Prices Rs 60). Another Guy was asking RS 100 for ordinary seats...
I tried to use my Intelligence ( ????.. I don't know whether its there or not), but I failed to impress the GUY and paid Rs 600 for 6 tickets.

Thent he Movie started.
Usually I was never a FAN of any Actor in Tamil. I didn't even Watched SIVAJI in Theater.
I like Rajini and Ajith, Surya and vikram.But I started supporting Ajith now a days.
After 5 minutes of watching the movie,I thought If the movie movie moves like this till the end I would become VIJAY's Fan. Becaue The first 5 min was full of fun and I really enjoyed it.
Eventhough I generally don't like VIJAY.. I can not keep on neglecting him.. A GUY who is next to RAJINI in Box Office Collection.

But I felt I was wrong in my decision and decided to be with Ajith ( THALA ) here after.
Till he becomes KURUVI in the film it was good. then everything has gone bad.
I thought at least after Interval movie will be good.
But it was full of Thrisha worst dances and a Typicl Telugu Movie. Iam not cursing Telugu movies here. i do like some of the good movies there too.
When the movie is moving very seriously at Chennai or at a village. I dont like hero and heroine dancing at Africa or Malaysia or wearing skimy clothes.

That is too some scenes are exact copy of a Telugu movie. Good Villians are also given worst roles to play.

Its not at all a movie to watch for.
Even the songs fail to impress the viewers. normally in Vijay's movies will have Good Songs and great dance performances.That is also missing here.


Please avoid KURUVI...
I hope only god should take another form and save us from making mistakes like this.
We will eagerly wait for DASAVATHARAM to impress..

With Love,

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