Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Jonathan Livingston Seagull - This is the latest book I read and one of the most valuable book I have. Its one of the best inspiration I read in the recent times. A small story written about a Seagull who(I admire the character.. so I will use who..not which) wants to do something more than a ordinary gull can do.

Jonathan wants to do more than searching stale fish for food. he wants to learn all kinds of flying techniques and over a period of time he becomes good at aerobatics.
His parents are worried about him.And after some time his Community banishes him and he flies to a far cliff.
He wants to show what a Gull can do with his limitations.But No one listens him. He lives there for quite long time and he has become master in his skills.

From this Part... I learnt that we all have much more capabilities then we think and we are not here simply to earn for life.. We are here to do something more learn new things..explore the knowledge..

On one fine day, he flies to a flock, where every gull wants to learn flying techniques. The Elder there teaches Jonathan various techniques how to stay calm ( I think I forgot exactly what Jonathan learnt here) and earn to be free..

From this part... I learnt that we should love everyone around and stay focused and learning is a continuous process..not a one day affair.

After some time.. he decides to go back to his own flock..with some of his students.
He starts teaching his students in front of his own flock gulls and no one listens them..about what they speak. after some time some of the younger Gulls comes to them and starts learning flying techniques. over few months most of the gulls joins them.. and starts learning flying....

From this part... I learnt that we should give back something to the society where we born and brought up.
This is what some of the Good NRI's and Industrialists are doing now a days. I should also do something to my Village Aruvankattuvalasu where I born and brought up.. .

This is one of the book everyone should read...
Must to have at Home Library.....................
you should go through to know more about the novel


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