Monday, July 21, 2008

LIFE is beautiful

Life is beautiful.. Isn't it??.
It took long time for me to understand the truth.Leave me...
This blog is to praise the Movie Life is Beautiful and to request everyone who ever reads this blog to watch that movie.
This is the nicest movie .. i have ever seen.
Its about a life of a Jew Man and his family. He is a jolly man lives with his friend and old uncle. He falls in love with a beautiful school teacher and gets married to her. he runs a small Book shop and lives happily and gets a nice kid.
When they are living happily,suddenly they will be taken to a camp controlled by German Army and both of them will be doing factory work. This Guy will hide his son somehow in the camp and tried to save his Son's Life. He will be telling his son as this camp life is a Game.. once they score 1000 points ..he will get TANK as first prize. His Son will listen to what ever this says. He will hide under the Beds ..where they sleep in the night....Before his marriage he used to work in a hotel as waiter. where He met a Doctor..who will become his friend. In the Camp. the same doctor will come to check the Jews. The Doctor will help this Guy.. and makes this to work as a waiter in the camp. He will hide his Son there too. He will be continuing this for some months. Every time his Son asks a Question.. he will tell him that so far we have scored 600 points.. if you hide from the Cops u will get 40 Additional paoints..some things like this ..he will be keep on telling to his son. One day the war is over. That night he wants to find out his wife and along with her he wants to escape.That time he asks his son to hide in a small wodden box and tells him that we have 940 points..if you hide here safely till tomorrow morning we will get 60 points and we will win and " you should come out only when there is calm outside". He will try to find out his wife and caught by the German Army. He will be shot dead. The next day morning..he will come out when there is no sound and standing infront of the building.
now a American Tank Comes and this ltttle boy is just standing there withour fear. the small boy shouts that We WON..We WON..
he will be taken by the soldier and on the way he finds out his Mother.
There too he happily sayd that We Won.. We Won with out knowing that its a lie his father told him and with out knowing that his father is killed..

That is the sacrfice a father did to his Son..

Tears were coming out of my eyes when the movie ended.
What a touching story????.The man takes his life very humorously what ever the problem he faces...he brings up his son so well with diginity and honestly.

This is the time to remember my father for all the things he did to me.
For the boy... His father saved him from life tragedy and for 5 to 6 years. but my father did till i was 20. He had dedicated his entire life for me and my sisters.
Do we remember him?. Are we repaying him??.
Are we really making the difference in our lives he wanted???
I dont know the answer. I don't think Except money I got nothing I wanted to get...

- Guru.

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