Monday, October 13, 2008

Paul Krugman Wins Nobel for Economics

Hey Friends,

I just read a news about Paul Krugman Winning 2008 Nobel prize for Economics.

My Congratulations for Mr Paul Krugman.

He is awarded for his analysis of how economies of scale can affect trade patterns and the location of economic activity. ( I should read about this ..will I ??????). I salute his Knowledge.

The Hindu publicizes his articles in Editorial page. some months ago I used to think what's this bearded Foreigner doing with The Hindu??. I even thought didn't Hindu get any Indian Intellectual to write a column??. Somehow one day I read his article about Sub- Prime Crisis and I was mesmerized by his words. He has written clearly about the Problem in a simple English ( I would even say that his English is easier than The Hindu) for laymen like me. after wards for last few weeks I never missed any of his Columns.( I just started buying Hindu...Earlier I read the junkest news paper in India.. by this you might have understood... for people who didn't identify....that is Times of India.. Only for glamor Pics and masala news. Except the Accent on Wednesdays,Swaminathan K Ankleshwar Aiyar's articles and some more like Q&A on Sunday Times

Even Today I read his article (Brown does Good) about the Steps taken by the British Government to help the Economy by injecting more capital into the Banking System. He hailed Gordon Brown's decision and questioned Henry Paulson's inability to come with such a plan??.Paul Krugman wrote that even though the Results of Mr Brown's actions are not known, still he leads the Economy in the right direction. Well written Article.

Here I must write something about "The Hindu" too. Iam always proud that its a Chennai based ( Iam from Tamilnadu and most of the Contributors are Tamilians) Newspaper which maintains the high standard English in India with great Intellectual Level.
Most of the time you find it difficult to read the articles because of high standard.
One humorous anecdote comes to my mind here. One day I was reading the Reading comprehension Questions from a GMAT book. I couldn't comprehend properly even after reading twice. After a day I read " The Hindu" Editorial ( extreme left side Column on center Page). Immediately after reading, I was extremely happy and laughed noisily. My Room mate asked me " hey whether anything funny written there?". I told him that 2 days back I read GMAT RC question, I didn't understand anything. Today I read the Hindu Editorial. Even here too I couldn't understand anything. So At last I found a News Paper where to read for GMAT Exam.

One more Incident was When I was watching a Video Interview of a CAT Topper from IIM in You Tube, he mentioned that READ HINDU HINDU HINDU. that's the only way to improve your English. That's what even I am trying to do in these days.

Let me see.. Whether my English improves over a period of time?

Anyway I sincerely thank " The Hindu" for bringing out such wonderful Editorials in the News Paper and giving us a chance to read People like Paul Krugman's articles.

Happy Reading Guys.....

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