Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Recession or Depression

Dear Friends,
Iam not an Economist to write an article about a possible Recession, But as a common Man, I have something to say.

I Welcome the Recession with a big smile.

It may look insane to welcome Recession or Depression.But I would like to state my views, Why I want to have a recession in the coming year.
First of all I would like to say who am I?. Iam a 25 year old, Software Engineer living in Silicon Valley (???) of India with a comfortable Salary.

We can't buy a Flat any more in Bangalore Man. a Decent one cost Rs 30 - 35 Lacs.
When I have travel to my native in a travels ( ex..KPN) it costs me around Rs 800.
When I plan to buy a shoe it cost me Rs 2500 to in a branded show room.
When I think about buying a Good Shirt and Pan, It comes around Rs 2000.
Can I afford these?. definitely not.
These are Price Speculation.

MBA Finance Guys, who are inventing new new Financial Instruments to suck the money out of common Man's Packet and simply put it in their Luxury cars and Houses.
Junk companies like Infosys, Wipro, Satyam who never want to do some meaningful work instead of doing BPO, documentation and doing only bull shit work and always beating the market forecast. Now I want them to beat the market. and the junkies who work there always thinks that They are the pride of India. No they are not (Actually I forgot the Proper Vocabulary)

I want all the Big Developers go bankrupt and brokers loose their own houses too.
The Speculation must stop right now.The Flat which costed 10 Lacs last year costs 20 Lacs this year. I want these people go bankrupt.
All the Retails close down the Stores, and so the reckless spending habits of Software Engineers. These Junks never think about the value of the Money.
So I want a Recession to come to India right away and make everyone to understand the value of the money.

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