Monday, December 22, 2008

Good Human being????

This Saturday evening I thought of having a quite walk along Bellandur- Sarjapur Signal service road. This is my favorite road to go for a walk as it has Nilgiri's Super market , where I buy flax seed, Soy milk and Broken Wheat Bread ( usually in other places we get whole Wheat , but looking at the Nutrients value, this one is good)
While Waling,I spotted a middle aged women and man walking together ( looked like her husband ). She had two plastic bags full of vegetables.One bag had teared and vegetables fallen down suddenly. When I noticed her, she was collecting the vegetables which were lied on the road. I had sympathy for her as normally we don't even touch anything on the road except money( I bet everyone !!). She was not looking happy and but collected the vegetables. They started walking towards sarjapur signal afterward.

In the mean time I stopped near a tree and wandering for some time , again I started after a few minutes. this time I saw the man was collecting the vegetables after some 100 feet's on the road alone, looked like the the Vegetable bag had again teared. This time I saw the lady was walking without waiting to collect the vegetables, but the man was.
She might have been irritated by the Plastic bag or by her husband's inability to support her to live a decent life ? I don't know.
But I saw the man collecting vegetables on his own even though some two and four wheelers were passing by. I should have helped him in collecting vegetables, isn't it?. after all he is a human being who is in need of help.I thought the vegetables are bought by real hard earned money. but I didn't do. I felt ashamed of the character I had.

After all I doubt I ever followed any values in my life????. this simple one is nothing.

But I hope the one who reads this blog may have good human values and respect the other humans.