Monday, December 8, 2008

Varanam Aayiram

I happened to watch a Wonderful Tamil Movie Varanam Aayiram starred by SURYA, directed by Gautham and Music composed by Haris Jayaraj.
The Duo ( Haris and Gautham) already has many feathers in their caps. When we have Surya,then think about it.
I would say that SURYA is the one of the Actors along with Vikram, Karthi and legend KAMAL HASSAN.Only these four looks like actors for me. Others like VIJAY and others are the JUNKIEST in the world.

The movie is about Father - Son relationship. Already we have a Mile Stone movie called "Thavamai Thavamirundhu"directed by Cheran. Its about the Village Father's sacrifices for his Sons. even my Sisters and me need to remember what my father did for us. do we??.The time has to answer.

OK OK . enough. We will come to the blog.

Varanam Aayiram is about a City Father- city Son relationship. They mainly speak in English in their house and always read English Novels.Its mainly about how a father mentally supports his son during the difficult times and how he lets his son to take his own decisions and choose his destiny.
This is the abstract of the movie.

Surya's performance is superb. He plays both Father and Son roles.His six pack body looks terrific and it inspired me to do some exercise(Will I continue??. Time has to answer).
The way he expresses his love and followings her to US are very nice. That San- Francisco Bridge and Mist scene ...Wow..... Lovely...hats off to the Camera man Ratnavel.

I would urge everyone to watch this Wonderful Movie If you are looking for a Good Tamil Movie. Please ignore watching Ajith, Vijay movies. ( they are crap.. if you watch their movies, then you will no longer like Tamil Movies.)

I forgot to talk about an important man( sorry Women !!!).For her knowledge and Courage she can be called as MAN. She deserves a separate blog. But I would like her works be lauded here along with the Movie because she is the Lyrics writter for this movie.She is Poet Tamarai. She is a student of My Engish Prof Edwin Joseph Raj at GCT Coimbatore.He used to say this in our class( GCE Bargur: 2000 - 01 in Ist yr Englsih)
All the songs are wonderful.and I reallly love all those songs. I think one song was written by Muthukumar.

Look at the lyrics from one song

Nenjukkul Peidhidum Maamalai
Neerukul Moolkidum Tammarai
Satendur Maaruthu Vaanilai
Penne un mel pizhai

This is one of the loveliest Songs I have ever heard.

If you understand Tamil then listen to this song in YouTube.
What a Song man.. What a beautiful words.. I think that's why bharathi hailed "Tamil as the Sweetest Language in all the languages he has known" Yes.. Tamil deserves it.
We have KAVI PERARASU.( Mr Vairamuthu ) .. Now we have got KAVI PERARASI.yes TAMARAI is worth to be given this title.I hope that one day she will acclaimed with this title.

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