Monday, May 24, 2010

Trip to Chikka Tirupathi Temple

Good that after a lazy..long break I got some time to write this blog.

Yesterday I went to a Temple called Chikka Tirupathi Temple.

My friend Thenraj and myself started around 10 AM in the morning from my Bellandur house.
Route is like Bellandur - Sarjapur-ChikkaTirupathi Temple.
You can easily find it out using Google Maps. After Sarjapur you should take left, which will lead you to the Temple. If you take right, it will take you to Tamilnadu border.
After Sarjapur the road is pretty nice, it reminds me of my Village road with green.
We had tender-count on the way and spoke to the small guy who was selling it. He said, he can speak Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Urudu. I was astonished to hear this. I call my self as educated( who calls ???, may be myself).and One thing is the Tendercoconut was 12 Rs same as in Bellandur. I was happy that Iam not paying more even in Bellandur. We reached the temple around 11.20 AM.
The Temple was not very big , but a medium sized nice temple. It was very crowded as there were close to 10 marriages happening there. I saw groom wearing Mysore hat and some wearing andhra style hat ( which we wear in our marriages, I might wear one too in the coming year).
It took almost 30 minutes to pray the God who was resembling of Tirupathi Balaji. The deity was very good looking and I couldn't take my eyes off for couple of seconds. I wanted to stand there and get good glimpse of my beloved balaji.
We came out after a good darshan and bought couple of ladoo prasadam (Rs 10 per each). Laddoo was very good. Out side we bought some Pori + Mixture and we eat them later on the way at some place where we could sit comfortably.
We started back with a complete sense of fullness.

We also went to Tamilnadu border from Sarjapur and on the way back we bought some fresh Papaya on the road side.

We stopped at Iyer's Kitchen a new Tamil Style hotel opened on the road between ( Bellandur to Total Road). Though the food was not great, it was OK i felt. But my friend wasn't happy.

I really had a nice time yeterday. It is worth driving to Chikka Tirupathi Temple.

Even I heard there are few other temples we can visit. I will try next time.