Sunday, July 29, 2012

Trip to Doddamallur Aprameya Swamy and Nadi Narasimhaswamy temples

Man proposes, God disposes..We can never understand what god thinks :), that's why the life is interesting, isn't it?
After going to the great Sri Sailam Temple in Jan 2012, I have been visiting many many temples across Tamilnadu and Karnataka. May be Lord shiva blessed me after doing the early morning Pooja.
After the great saints like Ramanujar, Appar, Sundarar, I must be the one who visited these many temples in  this much short time. ha.. ha........... who knows, what happens in the future..

My Junior and dear friend Senthil is my Sarathi( who drives the vehicle)

Today we wanted to explore on Mysore Road and found two small, very ancient temples in an hours drive.

On the way there is a famed Kamat at lokaruchi ( we wanted to try the food there too.

We started around 8 AM from BTM and took NICE road from Bhanarghatta Road. NICE road is really a NICE road. Reached Kamat around 9.30 AM.

Ordered Mudde Idli, Masala Akki roti, Maddur Vada.and coffee. Bill costed around 220, We could have gone for a buffet breakfast for Rs100 per head with even more varieties.
Breakfast was excellent especially Coconut and tomato chutnies and we wanted to try the lunch also here, while coming back.

Then we headed to Doddamallur Lord Aprameya Swamy temple. This a many centuries(may be 1000 yrs too) old temple where Navaneetha Krishnan is very famous for blessing the couples with a child. This is a grand temple built by Tamil Kings, I could see so many tamil inscriptions for confirmation and felt proud to see that.  I did archanai to Arpaneya, NavaneethaKrishnan and Aravindavalli Thayar and spent some time there looking at the temple architecture. Seems the temple was not taken care for few centuries and its renovated in 80s. A good visit on mysore trip.Few websites are and

Then we headed to Sri Nadi Narasimha temple which few KMs away from Doddamallur.
Seems Namarsimha here is very powerful. Tradition is with a coconut in hand walk around the sanctum sanctorum chanting Narasimha Mantiram 12 timee and tie coconut in the temple premises and pray Lord Narasimha. Then your wishes will be fulfilled very soon. Even I did the pooja.
Let's wait what happens..:)

Then around 1 PM, we started back to Bangalore. On the way, I wanted to buy a wooden Horse for my  niece.( took the pic from net, I bought the white one)

I bought one for Rs 360 and parceled it to Palani through VRL. Parcel costed me Rs180. It seems I can send 3 horses together for Rs180.. Next time, I will try that. The Horse purchase is the most satisfying thing for me on this trip.

Again on the way back we stopped at Kamat for lunch. We ordered Special North Karnataka meals. What a food..with ubbutu, Masal vada, Jawar rotim rice, 4 different side dishes, Sambar, rasam, Curd, Ice Cream, Butter milk......Wondeful unlimted meal for Rs170. service was excellent. When I asked for one more masal vada.. it was over, So they offered me a maddur vada.... they serve only Ice cream for Special meals, when I asked for a banana, No questions were asked, Very tasy Elachi banana was offered....
 What a wonderful meal at Kamat... Unthinkable in Tamilnadu Hotels.... Saravana Bhavan just steals the money...nothing else...

Why not many hotels serving these wonderful food in Bangalore. Nonsense Sagar Hotels...Please close down the useless Sagar Hotels and allow only North Karanataka and Mangalore style hotels in Bangalore, No one will curse Karnataka food.

Then we roamed in Janapada ( for more than an hour, which has wonderful collection/documentary of rural life style and culture. I could remember many objects which I could have forgotten otherwise.

Again we stepped into Kamat for a by two Tea, then we started to Bangalore and stopped for one more Tea at Adayar Ananda Bhavan in BTM where there is no by two Tea available. we have to go for full Tea :),
then took a bus to Bellandur, reached at 7PM.

Spent few minutes at vodafone Store to change my roaming plan. I was offered 1 Paisa/second plan (I pay more for two days stay in Tamilnadu then the remaining 28 days in Bangalore).
Hope this will reduce my roaming charges......

then off to Room........

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Anonymous said...

Agreed that in Tamil Nadu especially saravana, adyar ananda bhavan, grand snacks fleece you
Then the fast food . Still cannot make out why a pizza should cost that much