Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mayakkam Enna ?? ( why this dizziness ?)

I am caught up in dizziness for so long in my life. a Well 28 years..3 months..25 days.. and counting..

I should have,
done much better in school.
Joined a IIT for Engineering.
Gone to US for Masters..
Done much better in the Job...

When Iam going to live my life.....

Don't I love what I do....
When is this going to end???...

Emotions are running too high at 1.32 AM ???. Cool Guru... cooooool.

I just came out from "Mayakkam Enna" Movie, another milestone from Selvaraghavan.
It shows how a strong willed women can influence a man's life..

A wonderful experience.. something like " Beautiful Mind" in English, Tamil will have this movie.

Richa is very beautiful. Here Eyes are too powerful.

I also expect my wife to be strong willed and can change my life forever.

Its a must watch for all the young wife's and wife to Be's.

I will live my own life. .. I will.

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